Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paranex The Fighting Fetus

"Paranex The Fighting Fetus" from Captain Victory #7 (Pacific, 1982) by Jack Kirby

One of my favorite WTF Kirby creations. I've been rifling through my old collection of Captain Victory comics, which I appreciate a lot more now than in the 80s, and there's some truly demented stuff in there. Expect more to show up.


  1. "What in the name of natural variation is that thing?"

    That's exactly what I was thinking myself.

  2. And what in Sam Hill is that thing with the face in the far right?

  3. That's regular cast member Mister Mind, the brains among Captain Victory's cohorts. Think Brainiac 5 meets Spock meets Egg Fu.

  4. I will decline to think about that, thank you!

  5. But it's the recipe for a delicious omelette!

  6. I've read a fair amount of "Captain Victory", and I can sort of explain Paranex. The point Kirby wanted to make was that there are forces out there so powerful that even their children are far beyond us. But that wasn't emphatic enough, so Kirby no doubt revised it to, even their infants are far beyond us. But not even that was enough, so ...

    I am proud to say I can use "Goozlebobber" in a sentence. Two, counting that one.