Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The JLA vs. Parademons... Sound Familiar?

"The JLA vs. Parademons... Sound Familiar?" from Super-Powers vol.2 #6 (DC, 1986) by Paul Kupperberg, Jack Kirby and Greg Theakston

I think 1986 does Johns and Lee one better by staging the fight... ON THE MOON!!!


  1. Good grief, but that is some good Kirby!

  2. 80s Kirby rarely gets the credit it deserves.

  3. This is something I don't understand. As great and legendary as Kirby is I never knew he wasn't considered on the top tier with the other elite.

  4. I think his more stylized work (from the 70s on) wasn't to the taste of most readers, and perhaps his writing himself wasn't either. Many of his series for DC were canceled too early. By the 80s, the style was even less in vogue, and his work for Pacific seems dated. When I was a teenager, I certainly didn't enjoy the Kirby style.

    Today I feel he's a connoisseur's artist. Readers who are willing to look at vintage material AND who buy into the "Pure comics" approach of the King, maybe even seeing his weaknesses as strengths (like the strange dialog).

    And even when he gets raves, it's usually for his 60s work at Marvel, or the cracked out stuff from the 70s (Fourth World, Kamandi, OMAC, Devil Dinosaur, etc.) but very rarely the 80s work.

  5. come to think of it he is always mentioned in hindsight and when I saw the Kamandi episode of the Brave and the Bold the kings work is what I thought of.A brand new show with old school flavor. If you catch a chance come check out