Monday, July 30, 2012

The Golden Age Star Sapphire

"The Golden Age Star Sapphire" from All-Flash #32 (DC, 1948) by Robert Kanigher, Lee Ellias and Moe Worthman

In the Golden Age, the Flash was a headliner as important as Superman and Batman, appearing in Flash Comics along with other features AND in his own solo book, All-Flash. I'm a big fan of the Fastest Man Alive superhero concept, so I'm not surprised. However, I DO find it surprising the strip took like it did with rather primitive art of Everett E. Hibbard on the character from his third appearance on. I did manage to find a splash of historical interest, as it features the Golden Age version of Star Sapphire you didn't know existed! The art, much in the style of Hibbard, is by Lee Elias. The issue, All-Flash's last, also featured the introduction of the Fiddler.


  1. You're right. I had no idea there was a Golden Age Star Sapphire!

    I really need to delve into the Golden Age a bit more. Last time I indulged that, it was early Action Comics and I got pretty bored with it by the 12th issue.