Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ivy Town - Hellmouth of Weirdness

"Ivy Town - Hellmouth of Weirdness" from All-New Atom #6 (DC, 2007) by Gail Simone, Eddy Barrows and Trevor Scott

I really liked All-New Atom's brand of high weirdness under Gail Simone's pen, and was disappointed when Rick Remender's short run turned out to be so dull (I'm enjoying his Marvel work though). Of course that's nothing compared to how I felt when DC killed off Ryan Choi for no good reason. Because they sure did something with Ray Palmer after that, right? I mean for the year it took before Ryan would have inevitably gone the way of Stephanie Brown in the Flushpoint anyway. Or maybe the fans saved Ryan Choi after all. By showing outrage at his death during Brightest Day, we may have insured his survival. He's apparently set to join Johns and Lee's Justice League as the New52's Atom. It was also cool to see him co-star with Batman in the awesome Brave and the Bold cartoon.

Of course, Ryan Choi is only one element of All-New Atom I miss. The other is that weird and wacky Ivy Town.


  1. Gail's stint on the Atom with Ryan Choi was indeed stellar. It was crazy, but boy was it fun! I'm so glad to hear that Ryan may be coming back.

  2. Ryan's supporting cast was nothing short of terrific. Too bad they're left to wander the halls of obscurity.