Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yellow Robin vs. Green Lantern

"Yellow Robin vs. Green Lantern" from All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #9 (DC, 2008) by Frank Miller, Jim Lee and Scott Williams

Always up for some humor at Hal Jordan's expense. That's probably why it's the only issue I ever got of this much-derided series. A flip through any issue will show the same kind of obsession with the unmotivated splash page that typifies Jim Lee's Justice League. I know it sounds strange coming from a blog that celebrates the splash page, but Lee uses too many splashes per issue, with no real understanding of how splashes punctuate a story. He seems to design them based on how generic they are so they can be sold on the art market rather than how much impact the moment has in any given story. Of course, that's the least of All-Star Batman's problems. In the end, you have to decide for yourself if Frank Miller has gone completely mad, or if he's actively writing a parody of the comics his own seminal 80s work inspired. EXTREME!

All-Star ended with its 10th issue (one more than is collected) with the promise that it would conclude in a series called Dark Knight: Boy Wonder, which never came. Jim Lee got derailed by the New52 project, not that All-Star wasn't pretty sporadic already.

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