Monday, August 13, 2012

Apes in Love

"Apes in Love" from Angel and the Ape vol.1 #1 (DC, 1968) by Joe Albano, Bob Oksner and Henry Scarpelli

One of the things that sold comics in the 60s was APES. There's just something about them. Or maybe this series was created as a response to the specific Ape-mania created by the Planet of the Apes movie, which also came out in 1968. However it came into E. Nelson Bridwell's head, Angel and the Ape is about a couple of private eyes, one a beautiful girl, the other a talking ape (which later series would have originate in Gorilla City). The humor book was re-titled Meet Angel with its seventh and final issue, showing CONCLUSIVELY that it couldn't be marketed without the Ape. It was followed by a mini in '91 that connected it to the Inferior 5 (Angel is Dumb Bunny's sister), and later by a Vertigo series by Howard Chaykin and Philip Bond, so beautiful art but a story I dread to check out.


  1. Hi-- Just letting you know that I love the focus of the site and your added commentary. I will start commenting sometimes if I have had some experience with the series... unlike Angel and the Ape...

  2. Thanks Tom. I appreciate the comment and look forward to more once I splash some of the comics you've read. Animal Man or Aquaman fan? Cuz those are coming up shortly!