Saturday, August 18, 2012

The River of No Return

"The River of No Return" from Anthro #5 (DC, 1969) by Howie Post

You know what I miss? A good caveman comic on the stands. I'm not being facetious, I'm fascinated by this minor genre, probably because I grew up on French-language Rahan comics. Still don't believe me? Let it be known that I've run GURPS: Ice Age role-playing games. And they were COOL.

Anthro is the first Cro-Magnon boy born in the Stone Age, and maybe(?) the first comic book caveman hero. So he's smarter than his Neanderthal tribe and I guess he's expected to have lots of babies and found the human race. No pressure.


  1. I liked the way Morrison addressed that in FINAL CRISIS. Particularly when he became Old Man, so it would be cool to see Anthro through the ages, with stories set with him and his wives and having adventures in his middle-age and there were no doctors for knee replacements.

    Seriously, though. Anthro was fun. I'd like to see DC do a SHOWCASE of all the titles in the lte 60s that didn't run long, Anthro, Angel & The Ape, The Inferior Five.

  2. I'd support that! Especially since a lot of those books have quality artists on them.