Tuesday, August 7, 2012

They Have Cyclops on Their Side

"They Have Cyclops on Their Side" from Amazons Attack! #1 (DC, 2007) by Will Pfeifer and Pete Woods

I never read Amazons Attack!, as I was just coming back to monthly comics after an extended stay and had been warned well away from it. It can likely be chalked up to the whole phenomenon of most writers/editors not knowing what to do with Wonder Woman as a character, and her world in general. Is it me, or does ANY story involving Amazons smell of commentary on the female gender as a whole? And could we then not infer some kind of sexual (or at least gender-based) frustration coming from DC's decision makers? (I can't blame the writer because this was certainly an editorially mandated assignment.) Am I reading too much into something I haven't actually read?


  1. Oh Merciful Minerva and all Gods bound and unbound I NEVER NEVER NEVER want to read this piece of offensive filth ever again! Amazons Attack practically destroyed my beloved Wonder Woman' character and her own people with this atroucious writing...it is a genuinely offensive story. Dont get me started...
    Loving your blog by the way.

  2. Well...I don't know if it was actually THAT terrible...but it was pretty poor. It also didn't make a heck of a lot of sense really. But it did bring back Hippolyta, and I do love Hippolyta.