Saturday, August 4, 2012

Falling to Bizarro World

"Falling to Bizarro World" from All-Star Superman #7 (DC, 2007) by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

Do I need to sell anyone on All-Star Superman at this point? I've been known to say that it could/should have been Superman's new status quo after any type of reboot considered. Many disagreed because Superman was too god-like and abstract for monthly comics and/or to exist in the shared DC Universe. Maybe. Though now we'll see how Morrison brings his love of old comics to the Superman mythos AGAIN and, I imagine, in a different way. Morrison's Action Comics are heavily inspired by Superman's Golden Age stories, while All-Star was more Silver Age, but maybe Action will eventually take from every era. Looks like it may.

Continuity hounds will find that All-Star Superman has many links with DC One Million, which would seem to infer that One Million may be the future of Earth-All-Star rather than Earth-DC, or that the two universes have the same future. Or that the Superman Squad is multi-dimensional so may visit any continuity they wish. Morrison's take on continuity is that "it all happened", but the nuances of Hypertime escape me.

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