Monday, December 10, 2012

Challengers-Style Archaeology

"Challengers-Style Archaeology" from DC Universe Presents #7 (DC, 2012) by Dan DiDio, Jerry Ordway and Ray McCarthy
DCU Presents, the New52's anthology series, a good place to reboot certain characters and see if they stick, has been, unsurprisingly, a mixed bag. The Challengers of the Unknown certainly had the best art, but the story turned into this weird serial killer thing and never used the immortal words "living on borrowed time". Or did I pass out while reading? Paul Jenkins' Deadman story was pretty good, but Boston Brand was already appearing in a couple books, so hardly what this series was made for. Vandal Savage got a DC version of Silence of the Lambs, not bad. About then I started skipping any feature that didn't interest me (like Kid-Flash). Blue Devil and Black Lightning could be good though...

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