Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where Kate Spencer, Manhunter, Shops

"Where Kate Spencer, Manhunter, Shops" from Darkstars #0 (DC, 1994) by Michael Jan Friedman, Mike Collins and Ken Branch
Back during the FIRST wave of Green Lantern popularity, when the franchise grew to include a GL Corps Quarterly and a Guy Garder book, DC also added Darkstars to the schedule. The Darkstars were a competing intergalactic police unit created by the Controllers, cousins to the Guardians. Today, they'd be a colored Corps of some kind. It wasn't a bad book, though I didn't collect it for long. The art was variable and I wasn't made of money. Apparently, the Controllers abandoned the project, which made most Darkstars lose their powers, but a few remained who had independently-powered suits, and these sacrificed themselves by the end of the series (#38). In the last half-decade, we've seen their legacy in a clergy group in Jim Starlin's Mystery in Space stuff, and of course, as the poached uniform worn by Kate Spencer, Manhunter.


  1. There was also Jon Stewart in GL: MOSIAC. I enjoyed the issues with Travis Charest's artwork. There's no getting around the fact that Donna Troy was also a Darkstar, but I don't know when or how.

  2. Donna was in the team while it the book was going strong. She was one of the starring Darkstars.

    That girl got around.