Saturday, December 29, 2012

Doom Force EXTREME!

"Doom Force EXTREME!" from Doom Force Special #1 (DC, 1992) by Grant Morrison, Ian Montgommery and Brad Vancata
I don't know why Grant Morrison felt the need to do an Image (or specifically, a Liefeld) pastiche, and at over 50 pages, the joke becomes tired rather fast, but it nonetheless offered a couple weird and fun, ahem, images. The Living Mountain and his little ski-lift. The Chief as a head in an ice cube in a glass of pink lemonade. That sort of thing. The thing is, when you're laughing at Youngblood, the actual comics are just as funny for the same exact reasons. Doom Force was unnecessary, though it did have a billion percent more imagination going for it. And yes, I realize it features an over-obvious Wolverine clone with silverware instead of claws.

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  1. Good God, but that is some seriously painful art!