Monday, December 3, 2012

Spectre vs. Blackbriar Thorn

"Spectre vs. Blackbriar Thorn" from Day of Judgement #1 (DC, 2005) by Bill Willingham, Justiniano and Walden Wong
Ever since I first saw him drawn by Joe Kubert in DC Comics Presents (the issue that teams up Superman and the Demon), I've liked Blackbriar Thorn. Here he is fighting the Spectre in the mini-series that saw the creation of Shadowpact. It was also a lead-up to Infinite Crisis, had Jean Loring as Eclipso, and am I right in remembering that the Blue Beetle scarab was sent to El Paso just in time for Jaime Reyes to find it? Only the latter really bears mentioning.

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  1. If I recall correctly, the Silver Age Thorn was Lana Lang's archeologist dad. I didn't read this series, but I think the scarab thing happened in IC, because the Rock of Eternity blew up over Gotham right about the same time.