Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Sentinels of Magic

"The Sentinels of Magic" from Day of Judgment #1 (DC, 1999) by Geoff Johns, Matt Smith and Steve Mitchell
The Sentinels of Magic is a much better name than Justice League Dark, but I guess it's not as marketable... I never bought into Day of Judgment's premise. It was, to me, just another in a long line of events that mismanaged the Hal Jordan character. Turning him into Parallax was ridiculous in the first place, killing him was the only out, but not a great one. Bringing him back as the Spectre, and retiring Jim Corrigan, meant we LOST a character, not gained one. Hal wouldn't stay the Spectre for long anyway, and I don't think the character did very well as an identity taken on by various people over the last decade. It looked good, and wasn't badly written, but with hindsight especially, it stands today as an editorial exercise in getting a particular character from point A (where it should never have gone) to point B (status quo) by going through point X.

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