Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Gorilla Prowls the Deep Six

"A Gorilla Prowls the Deep Six" from Sea Devils #30 (DC, 1966) by France Herron, Howard Purcell and Sheldon Moldoff
The Silver Age was crazy for everyone, even "human" heroes like the Sea Devils, another of those adventuring teams the era was well-known for, in the mold of the Challengers of the Unknown (a mold that also produced Cave Carson's and Rip Hunter's teams).


  1. If a title was selling poorly, 1960s DC always tried adding a gorilla. Now they use Batman instead.

  2. If only they'd go back to the earlier strategy.

  3. Is that Gorilla underwater?

    That's amazing! Weird, but amazing.

  4. Not even a talking gorilla, a giant underwater gorilla that talks. Man, and here I thought the Deep Six were boring. Well, and I still think that.

    Garnet: And if that didn't work, they tried EVERYTHING ELSE. Blackhawk and Tomahawk both limped on for years with increasingly fantastical stories featuring dinosaurs and robots.