Monday, September 2, 2013

Under Attack by His Own DNA

"Under Attack by His Own DNA" from Resurrection Man vol.2 #1 (DC, 2011) by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Fernando Dignino
I was excited to see Resurrection Man back for a second go in the New52, and had it been successful, I think it could have formed the basis of a cool TV series, which I know the WB is interested in developing. Sadly, it looks like DnA were hoarding all their ideas for powers for their excellent, creator-owned Hypernaturals book, because Mitch Shelley just went from boring energy power to boring energy power. So just another New52 government conspiracy story in the end, though I suppose it's of interest because it tells us who Mitch was before he became the Resurrection Man.

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  1. A minor, largely forgotten cult book that only lasted a couple of years brought back by the same writers involving the same characters even using the same logo, but with a lesser known artist? Einstein had something to say about that sort of thing.