Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wonder Woman's Action Moment

"Wonder Woman's Action Moment" from Sensation Comics #51 (J.R. Publishing, 1946) by Charles Moulton (or possibly Bob Kanigher as Moulton) and Harry G. Peter
After first appearing in All-Star Comics #8, Wonder Woman's success spun her off into Sensation Comics where she was the cover feature, and six months later, into her own eponymous book. While she headlined Sensation, it's a book she shared with various other heroes, many of whom have a (probably accidental) thematic link to Princess Diana. Mr. Terrific's Fair Play ethos isn't unlike Wonder Woman's loyalty to the principles of love and empathy. For Diana's bondage fans, there's the Whip. And there's something potentially girly about the Gay Ghost (not because of the word gay, you understand, but because he was a romantic hero out of the Bronte Sisters or Harlequin Romances). Sensation's other regular strips included Black Pirate, Wildcat, Sargon the Sorcerer, Hal Mason, the Atom, Little Boy Blue, Hop Harrigan, Romance, Inc., Lady Danger, Doctor Pat, and Astra, not all of which are remembered today. With issue #94, it briefly became a romance title before getting retitled as Sensation Mystery with #107, and ending with #116, with Johnny Peril at the helm.

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