Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Are You My Mummy?

"Are You My Mummy?" from Sandman Mystery Theatre #1 (Vertigo, 1993) by Matt Wagner and Guy Davis
Though technically part of the Sandman franchise, SMT proved Vertigo books didn't need fantastical elements to be successful. A great series of mysteries set in the dawn of the Golden Age, with a hero who looked a lot less trim than his eventual spandexy self, thanks to Guy Davis' gritty, real world art. I'd become a fan of his through Baker Street, so I of course knew he could keep a mystery comic with relatively little action interesting. Great book.


  1. Oh goodness, this book continues to be one of my favorite comics. I try to re-read it every couple of years.

    I treasure my Guy Davis con sketch of Wes' doll.

  2. Yeah, I should do that too some time.

  3. Having FINALLY started watching Dr. Who...I get the title of this post and LOVE it!!