Thursday, September 12, 2013

Scary Hitchhikers

"Scary Hitchhikers" from Scare Tactics #5 (DC, 1997) by Len Kaminski, Anthony Williams and Andy Lanning
Part of the Weirdoverse family of books launched in the late 90s, none of which lasted very long, Scare Tactics is a perfectly pleasant book about teens who identity as horror tropes (a vampiress, a werewolf, a lizard boy, a marsh monster) who become a band to achieve a kind of normalcy. The book was ahead of its time, probably. This is the kind of set-up we see a lot of today, from Being Human to Adventure Time and back. The book lasted a mere 12 issues, though the characters enjoyed a series of specials (with the Plus label) that extended their stay in the DCU a little longer than a year.

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