Friday, January 3, 2014

Aqualad Goes Mental

"Aqualad Goes Mental" from Teen Titans Spotlight #10 (DC, 1987) by John Ostrander, Erik Larsen and Romeo Tanghal
Oh man, Teen Titans Spotlight. I was getting into New TT late (it had turned into Tales), so dutifully got the solo anthology series for most of its run. The material varied from worthy (Starfire faced with famine in Africa) to neat (Changeling vs. Mr. 104) to dull (Jericho got a 4-issue arc, the longest in the series' history) to absurd (the Brotherhood of Evil visits Tintin's now-postapocalyptic dimension). The series featured stories and art from a variety of creators, some at the start of their careers, like JMS and Erik Larsen (the latter, above).


  1. If you're looking for a new project after this blog's done, you could do worse than posting one big panel after another of characters screaming "NO!" Easily the dumbest, most overused beat in comics.