Monday, January 27, 2014

Promise to a Princess

"Promise to a Princess" from Weird Western Tales vol.1 #12 (DC, 1972) by John Albano and Tony De Zuniga
It should have been the western equivalent of Weird War Tales - i.e. this particular adventure should have featured a fairy tale princess or something - but it was mostly a Jonah Hex book, with side-orders of El Diablo, Scalphunter and Cinnamon. Not that these guys' stories couldn't get a little weird, but they were a far cry from, say, Super-Chief. Certainly not Creature Commandos level.


  1. Oh, I do so love Jonah Hex. Shooting Owl-Hoots no less.

  2. "What's weird about Jonah Hex? Well, he's like we grabbed '70s Clint and dunked half his face in acid. Weird thing to do, certainly."

  3. He's a bit strange, I'll agree, but his stories are pure western until he turns into Road Warrior, and then later goes Vertigo.