Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So Bob Kanigher Is Now Writing Tomahawk, Right?

"So Bob Kanigher Is Now Writing Tomahawk, Right?" from Tomahawk #122 (DC, 1969) by Bob Kanigher and Frank Thorne
Actually, from what I've read, DC's answer to Davy Crockett faced aliens and dinosaurs long before this issue, so the crazy was already in its DNA. For a while, Tomahawk even shared the book with his Howling Commandos-like team, the Rangers. But I've never heard anyone speak kindly of the first 120 or so first issues (or his long stint in Star Spangled Comics before that). The last couple years of the series had stronger art from the likes of Thorne, with covers by Neal Adams, and ran several frontier strips, including the newly introduced Hawk Son of Tomahawk feature that took over the book.

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