Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Beating

"The Beating" from Tor vol.1 #1 (DC, 1975) by Joe Kubert
I love Kubert's work, and he makes Tor just about the best caveman strip ever drawn. (Sorry, B.C.!) The art is so gorgeous, the anachronistic dinosaurs and strange monsters thrill you rather than irritate you. The comic actually started in the 50s in a book called "1,000,000 Years Ago" which became "3-D Comics" with its second issue and finally "Tor" with its third (all from St.John). The original five issues were reprinted in the 70s by DC after an original issue (well, almost original, since it was expanded from an attempt at a Tor newspaper strip). Eclipse then reprinted the 3D issues and published a new story in Sojourn. I first encountered Tor in the gorgeous over-sized Epic mini-series and was more than happy to pick up a new mini-series from DC in 2008. Tor also appeared in Kubert's last published series, Joe Kubert Presents. Beautiful stuff.