Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Action Comics Starring Black Lightning

"Action Comics Starring Black Lightning" from Black Lightning vol.2 #5 (DC, 1995) by Tony Isabella and Eddy Newell

Is there a Black Lightning curse? Maybe the ghost of the distasteful Black Bomber he replaced? I only ask because he's had a pretty bad publishing track record. The first series fell victim to the DC implosion before its last issue saw print. Lightning then squandered his shot at joining the Justice League and was instead inducted in the Outsiders, a series I think I poke fun at with reason. And then he scored a second monthly, again by Isabella who was fired after 8 issues. He claimed, on Newsarama, that the editor did so to bring in another writer and consolidate his power base at DC Comics. Whatever the truth, the book folded after 5 more issues. And the more recent Year One mini by Jen Van Meter and Cully Hamner? I really liked it, but of course, like all the Year Ones that came out around 2009, it was all for naught because of the reboot. Black Lightning has yet to show up in the New52. Static filled his niche, I guess, but his was one of the series axed at issue 8...


  1. For me, most of the One Year Later books were bad--much life the zero issues of the new%2 coming out now--and Catwoman was my favorite of the 1YLs.

    The two appearances I liked were the stand-alones from FINAL CRISIS.

  2. By 1YL, I'll assume you mean Year One. I liked BL's and Huntress', and LOVED the Teen Titans one.

  3. You're right, I confused the two. I didn't buy the Teen Titans one, glanced through BL, and did enjoy Huntress.