Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Enemy

"The Enemy" from Blitzkrieg #1 (DC, 1976) by Bob Kanigher and Ric Estrada

Blitzkrieg was a 5-issue attempt in 1976 to do a war comic that starred the soldiers of Nazi Germany, and not in a particularly good light (like, say, WWI's Enemy Ace) either. Another feature called The Huns looked at their Germanic ancestors and wasn't any sweeter to the German people. Still, nice art (and of course, Joe Kubert covers).


  1. I remember this comic. I could only buy my comics at Crestline Pharmacy, across from my HS. They were fairly consistent with the titles they carried, but it still seems odd that they had BLITZKRIEG over, say, IRON MAN.

    Been meaning to ask, in Canada did they ever have vending machines where you';d see comics displayed and you'd pay your 12 or 15 cents and maybe, just maybe, two comics would slide out instead of one...?

  2. I've never even heard of comics vending machines! 15¢ seems quite the bargain even for one book. I was technically alive when comics were a quarter, but by the time I was reading and buying them, they were 60¢ (75¢ Canadian).