Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Orchids

"The Orchids" from Black Orchid vol.1 #3 (DC/Vertigo, 1989) by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean

I first caught sight of Black Orchid in Who's Who and was immediately intrigued. So I was pretty tickled to see her show up in Suicide Squad! Alas, her story pretty much ended when Neil Gaiman gave her the Vertigo treatment (before the word Vertigo was coined), turning her into a female version of Swamp Thing, a human flower. The Dave McKean art was beautiful, but I still felt like we lost a cool character. And still, I got every issue of the Vertigo monthly that followed (by writer Dick Foreman), from some kind of Vertigo or Black Orchid loyalty, but the fact I've wiped almost everything about it from my mind can be taken as an indictment.

So as you can guess, I'm rather stoked that the Orchid is back in play in Justice League Dark, and in her original(?) form too.

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  1. Check the quarter bins for Adventure Comics just before the Jim Aparo Spectres. BO had three issues to herself, possibly 427-9.