Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dr. Evil

"Dr. Evil" from Captain Action #4 (DC, 1969) by Gil Kane
For a bit of Captain Action vs. Superman action, see the splash from issue 1. Captain Action was an action figure of the 60s who could "turn into" other action figures, basically, including Spider-Man and Captain America, which wouldn't do for a DC comic, so that concept was entirely dropped from this version. Dr. Evil, his archenemy, was ALSO an action figure with "master of disguise" abilities, and it remains funny to me that despite looking like a gross alien, he was the Captain's father-in-law. Lasting only 5 issues in the 60s, the license was eventually taken up by Moonstone Comics in the late 2000s, but of course, the two comics series have nothing to do with one another. The Captain is still around, with toys still being developed and this year a pulp novel seeing publication. Nostalgia must be a strong factor, but having been born in the early 70s, I guess I just missed that window of fandom.


  1. I owned a few of the comics--I keep finding copies of #3 for some reason--and I did have an action figure. All the outfits were made of felt. It was hard to put the Spider-Man mask on, so my friends and I would just take the head off and pop it back on.

    Right after the Captain Action era, all the GI Joes that came out had fake beards and mustaches.

  2. Please tell me that Doctor Evil's first name is "Scott".

  3. I only know his real name is Dr. Tracy. His first name might be Dick.