Friday, October 19, 2012

Dusk - Fragrance for Men

"Dusk - Fragrance for Men" from Booster Gold vol.1 #9 (DC, 1986) by Dan Jurgens and Mike DeCarlo
You're welcome, beefcake lovers!

Booster Gold was post-Crisis DC's first new star and I'm glad he's still around in roles of some importance today (well, until very recently at least). The selfish, marketing-conscious superhero truly is a product of the 80s, but truth be told, the idea hasn't fallen out of fashion 25 years later. The original series featured nice art and a great story up to about issue 21 (fighting the 1000, Booster's origin, and up through his sister's first appearance) before running out of steam. But by then, the call had likely been made. There were only 4 more issues, two of them Millennium (ugh) tie-ins.

At least Booster didn't slip into comic book limbo from there, joining Blue Beetle as the other half of the Justice League's best comedy double act. Tomorrow: A look at the latest Booster series.


  1. Oh Booster. That lucky lucky girl.

  2. Don't forget the Legion of Super-Heroes showed up and Booster actuallky got his name (sort of) by Ronald Reagan.

  3. Re: Booster's current "Canadian" identity, if anything makes that work, it's his willingness to sell himself just to be noticed....