Monday, October 8, 2012

Just Resting Our Wings

"Just Resting Our Wings" from Blackhawks #8 (DC, 2012) by Mike Costa, Cafu and Bit

Remember when artists used to have full names? Anywho... In the New52, the Blackhawks were turned into a secret, international paramilitary organization, somewhere between Checkmate and Doctor Who's UNIT, which might have been a worthy expansion of the Blackhawks mythos, except that none of the characters were recognizable revamps of the original characters. It's like being a fan of some old tv series or movie, then seeing a remake of it featuring Brandan Fraser. The book didn't survive the first First Wave and ended at issue 8, but with a promise to return (above).


  1. The other day, I was indeed posting on DCU non-supers, as you pointed out. I didn't realize that DC didn't own all the Quality characters until closer to the Silver Age.

    As you pointed out in the Lady Blackhawk post, these guys sure had a lot of staying power. And how many series have appeared in 7 out of 8 decades (I don't believe there was anything going on in the double-aughts, and I might be wrong about the 90s...)

  2. The 90s had a Chakyinized series, yes. It's only the 00s, as you say, that were completely devoid of BH.