Sunday, April 14, 2013

Crashing the JSA Meeting

"Crashing the JSA Meeting" from Infinity Inc. vol.1 #1 (DC, 1984) by Roy & Dann Thomas, Jerry Ordway and Mike Machlan
Jerry Ordway, ladies and gentlemen. Infinity Inc. lived and died with his coming and going. This was the OTHER Earth-2 book (after All-Star Squadron) continuing/replacing the JSA's modern-day adventures from the 70s version of All-Star Comics. It's the first true second generation book (a template for DC's various legacies on post-Crisis Earth), starring the Justice Society's kids. As big a fan as I am of Golden Age heroes, that love didn't translate to their progeny, I'm sad to say. I like the idea, and I certainly liked the early art, but the combination of Roy Thomas' old-fashioned wordiness and a hodgepodge of what I thought of as fairly generic heroes (in the New Teen Titans and Outsiders mold) meant I couldn't stay interested. Later on, the series featured some early, pre-Amazing Spider-Man, Todd MacFarlane art, but I hadn't read an issue in years by that time.

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