Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wildcat vs. (the Injustice Society of) the World

"Wildcat vs. (the Injustice Society of) the World" from JSA #10 (DC, 2000) by David Goyer, Geoff Johns, Stephen Sadowski and Michael Bair
How cool is Wildcat? I've always liked him. A true badass. I mean, dude taught Batman how to punch. That's why this crazy fight doesn't seem like ye olde little guy surviving against all odds to me. I fully expect Wildcat - even wearing a towel, even with a cast on his arm - to triumph over an entire team of super-villains. He's Wildcat!


  1. Has a Nu52 Wildcat shown up yet? Seems like a wasted opportunity if not.

  2. His alter ego has been referenced as a champion boxer on Earth2, I think that's it for now.

  3. Not only is he mostly nekked, and with a cast on his arm, but he's got an arrow sticking out of his back! That's how awesome Ted is.

    Gosh, I miss all those old farts in the Justice Society.

  4. I keep forgetting that Earth2 book exists.