Monday, April 29, 2013

Power Girl Leads

"Power Girl Leads" from JSA All Stars #2 (DC, 2010) by Matthew Sturges and Freddie Williams II
In the early 10s, it seemed inevitable that DC's major teams would suffer ideological differences, spawning a spin-split-off book. For the JLA, it was Cry for Justice. For the JSA, it was All Stars, and the split came down generation lines. As a fan of the older heroes, it was difficult to say if the younger group was worth following. Power Girl was certainly in the yay column (but her own book was better), but Magog was definitely in the nay column. The rest were versions of characters I was mostly lukewarm about.


  1. I really do love Power Girl, but can I admit to cheering...CHEERING when Magog bit the dust?

  2. When they brought him into the DC Universe proper, it became quite clear that DC didn't actually GET what Mark Waid was saying with Kingdom Come.