Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kyle's Second Life

"Kyle's Second Life" from Ion: Guardian of the Universe #6 (DC, 2006) by Ron Marz, Greg Toccini and Jay Leistein
What Parallax is to the yellow power battery, Ion is to the green, and since these creatures have a taste for Earth's Green Lanterns, Ion eventually settled inside Kyle Rayner. As Ion, he recreated the Guardians of the Universe and recharged the Central Power Battery so the Green Lantern Corps could be born anew, but a 12-issues series only came later, as a drawn-out prologue to the Sinestro Corps War. I dunno, would we like Kyle to still bear the power of Ion? Or should he be a simple Green Lantern like three other men of Earth? On the one hand, it differentiated him from the others and game him a second breath after Hal Jordan snatched back the 2814 spot. On the other, some thought it gave him too great an importance and destiny compared to the "one true" Green Lantern, an artificial buffing of what they considered a poor replacement for the original. Me? I think I like Kyle better post-Hal's return, in whatever identity he cares to take.*

*Pre-New52 though. I dropped all the Lantern books soon after the reboot.

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  1. a very nice picture of Kyle. Frankly I prefer him as just a regular Lantern...he's so awesome he doesn't NEED Ion!