Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nice View

"Nice View" from JLA #4 (DC, 1997) by Grant Morrison, Howard Porter and John Dell
Oh how I loved Grant Morrison's JLA. White Martians. The Rock of Ages. Crazy-smart Batman. Plastic Man, Electric Superman and Kyle Rayner as viable members. The virtual worlds of the Key. And eventually, we all got powers too. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I think its formula was poached by later comics, and not to their advantage. JLA had these huge epic storylines, but it wasn't the place for personal subplots. Most of the heroes had their own book(s) where those would unfold, after all. But there was characterization nonetheless, and the material was clever enough that it just didn't matter. I sometimes read team books today that go for the epic storylines well enough, but I just don't know who the characters are. You really need to get both sides of that equation to make the book sing, and JLA had it all.

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