Monday, April 15, 2013

Screen Shots

"Screen Shots" from Infinity Inc. vol.2 #7 (DC, 2008) by Peter Milligan and Matt Camp
I don't know why DC felt the need to keep Infinity Inc.'s name and trademark alive, but they did. The second series spun out of 52 and featured a Nuklon and a Fury, but not actually the original Infinitors. The principal draw was meant to be Steel and his daughter Natasha, but wouldn't a straight-up Steel book have sold better? This second incarnation of Infinity lasted quite a lot less than its title would imply, clocking in at 12 issues with the team disappearing. They were found in the Terror Titans mini-series, which kinda shows how much DC cared about the team.


  1. Speaking as one of the Infinitors' biggest fans, I had no idea there even was a second series!

  2. Apparently, it's not even the same Nuklon, though they look alike. I've edited the text to reflect that, but it looks more and more like vol.2 was Infinity Inc. in name only.