Thursday, February 6, 2014

Children of the Bat

"Children of the Bat" from World's Finest vol.3 #6 (DC, 2013) by Paul Levitz and Kevin Maguire
While the World's Finest team will always be Superman and Batman back when they were real friends, the New52's use of Earth-2 Power Girl and Huntress, children of the formerly-Golden-Age Superman and Batman, come a close second. The series is quite literally a thing of parts. Originally designed with George Perez handling the lukewarm present-day sequences and Kevin Maguire doing the charming 5-years-ago comedy of sisters discovering their roles in a new world, that paradigm I suppose couldn't last forever. Artists come and go, and the Year 1 stuff was eventually phased out. Still, while I don't find the plots particularly memorable, I do like the relationship between the heroines enough to keep reading.

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