Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Red Wedding

"Red Wedding" from Wonder Woman vol.4 #10 (DC, 2012) by Brian Azzarello, Tony Akins and Dan Green
Wonder Woman gets married to Hades in a New52 issue of her book, a book, I should mention, almost entirely divorced from the rest of DC continuity. So much so, a recent appearance of Azzarello's creepy Greek gods in Superman/Wonder Woman seemed ill-fitting at best. I read this book, and I enjoy this book, but I'm not sure what to tell you about it. Certainly, the story is interminable, but I'm not sure that's a minus. I mean, we're always condemning "writing for the trade" in 6-issue arcs, aren't we? It's not exactly the premise DC sold us originally - Wonder Woman as Buffy, fighting monsters from myth - but it's still a reinvention of myth and far closer to horror fantasy than it is to superheroics. It's the Vertigo version of Wonder Woman, I guess you could say.


  1. The Vertigo version of Wonder Woman is the best description of her book that I've heard yet. And I enjoy the heck out of her latest book, she is so much better there than...for the Justice League, and I don't have to worry about Superman being forced down my throat.

  2. Your idiom made my mind go to a terrible terrible place.

  3. And...its bloody awful.
    We on the WW forums are forever moaning about this series and with exceptional good reason - there is little to NO Diana anywhere in the book; everywhere you turn there are interminable co-stars like Zola, Hermes etc yet WW herself gets no love at all. She constantly makes mistakes, goes to others for help and advice and routinely defers to others. Don't get me started on how the Amazons were portrayed either, a betrayal of Marston''s beliefs.
    And the story itself? We got told o the grapevine that its three-year storyline [yes, 36 issues of three 12 part chapters each] and that Azzarello was given full rein to [a] do whatever he liked with the WW character and [b] keep her separate from the rest of the DCU. Why? Well, DC does not have clue how to write or what to do with WW anymore so have given up the ghost. The fans are up in arms, and after 42 years of reading WW so am I.
    We want our true Wonder Woman back!