Sunday, February 9, 2014

Golden Age Flashback

"Golden Age Flashback" from Young All-Stars Annual #1 (DC, 1988) by Roy & Dann Thomas and Joe Kubert
One of the worst things Crisis on Infinite Earths did was kill All-Star Squadron. Roy Thomas convinced DC to let him relaunch the book with a focus on a team of kids going around the country to sell war bonds (obviously, superheroics ensued). And really, nothing against these characters, some of which were pre-extisting Golden Age characters, but the art was never very enjoyable - the exception being the odd flashback splash, see above - and going New Format, at least for me, far from comic book stores at the time, made it hard to come by.

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  1. Per Degaton! What a delight. Roy Thomas doesn't get much credit for fresh ideas, but a time-travelling villain whose exploits he mostly forgets owing to paradox... I liked watching him get crazier and crazier.