Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Dad Was Born on a Monday

"My Dad Was Born on a Monday" from Witching Hour vol.1 #8 (DC, 1970) by Sergio Aragones and Neal Adams
Witching Hour was yet another DC horror anthology, this one hosted by the Three Witches, who took turns telling the various tales, many of them with impressive art, especially early on, but the likes of Alex Toth and Neal Adams. The book lasted through the 70s (85 issues) and even went double-sized for a while so it could reprint older anthology material. The interplay between the witches, who seemed to have a richer life than, say, Cain or Abel, made every issue a little more fun than most anthologies.


  1. Neal, not Neil
    Don't want to spread misinformation, y'know :)