Sunday, February 2, 2014

Corn Crop

"Corn Crop" from Wonder Woman vol.1 #25 (National, 1947) by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter
I really do enjoy looking at Golden Age Wonder Woman stories, though perhaps not for the reasons Marston thought America's youth would. The bondage stuff is pretty crazy, but then so is the rest of this science fiction/fantasy strip. It's certainly got a unique look! Silver Age Wonder Woman is comparatively boring (especially when you look at the insane Superman and Batman stories of the time) and though I like the Mod (powerless) Wonder Woman of the early Bronze Age in principle, it's not that great in execution. 80s pre-Crisis Wonder Woman, well, only really worth it for the Huntress back-up, though I'm not as critical as others of Don Heck's art on that book. Wonder Woman. Choosing splashes from each volume of Wonder Woman for this space, I'm struck at how much creative teams struggled with the character, making huge changes fairly frequently, and more often than not, missing the mark. But the Golden Age original still holds naive charm for me.


  1. Call me girlie...but God, I still love those boots.

  2. The Golden Age WW was superb, really quite unbeatable in sheer terms of power. The stories were kooky and crazy, going all over the place and taking us all in all kinds of directions.
    Loved the early 80s comics to, even tho many I know only bought the book for the Huntress back-up. But for me WW is excellent in any format, any possible way.
    Colan wasn't exactly right for WW but did give her a sensual maturity and even Don Heck [who I adore, btw] was doing his level best by her, even tho he was coming towards the end of his long career [and remember he had been drawing WW on and off for fifteen years by this point].
    Gotta love love love love love love love love love love love love love love Wonder Woman!

  3. You're a true fan, Karl. But tell me. How do you like the boots?

  4. The duck-billed boots of the Golden Age?
    Love them. I want a pair.

    The Blue/black boots of the Nu52 WW?
    Ditch 'em!