Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Polar Bears Love Her

"Polar Bears Love Her" from Wonder Woman vol.3 #34 (DC, 2009) by Gail Simone, Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan
Volume 3 of Wonder Woman got me interested in Wonder Woman for what I would say was the first real time (in comics form anyway). But not from its first issue. The early issues were apparently a real mess, with Diana as a secret agent, and book author Jodi Picoult apparently failing to make deadlines. I got in when Gail Simone got in (#14), and she wrote a great Wonder Woman, with just the right personality, even making some of the elements of the previous year WORK, while adding a lot of Simoney strangeness that, I think, related well to Diana's Golden Age origins. I'm sad that era of the Amazon's life had to end, with JMS coming in and screwing everything up, then forcing some poor shlub to follow his cocktail napkin notes to the end of the story while he still got story credit and presumably cashed a check. Phil Hester wasn't able to rescue the storyline the way Chris Roberson had somehow saved JMS' equally awful Superman story (I say equally, but it was even worse).


  1. Gail Simone did indeed do a lovely job with Diana.

    I love the polar bears by the way. Makes me want to go and have a Coke.

  2. I was one of the first to criticise Simone's work when she first began on WW [the Circle origin reboot was rather 'off' for me, but I warmed to it] but considering the farce that followed afterwards with JMS she was practically Shakespeare!
    She brought some light humour to Diana, whos often felt to be cold and lacking in any humour. And we did get some cool dialogue. I agree Piccoult and Hester did bugger up the boo with their awful characterization [Diana crying and not knowing how to use a petrol pump, Tom Tresser suddenly falling in love with her] but Simone did do a proper rescue job. My only complaint were those bloody Gorillas that took up unnecessary space!
    I had my reservations at first about her run but really got used to it...with Azzarello's run not even using Diana in her own book its sad that this run was the last time we have got to see the real, AUTHENTIC Wonder Woman in full flow.
    And Aaron Lopresti's art ROCKED!