Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chinese Pantheon

"Chinese Pantheon" from The Great Ten #1 (DC, 2010) by Tony Bedard, Scott McDaniel and Any Owens
This seems a comic made for me. Chinese superheroes? That's totally in my wheelhouse considering I've been hosting a kung fu movie night for 3½ years now. They were created by Grant Morrison in 52, they're super-functionaries with wonderful names like Mother of Champions and Shaolin Robot... But I didn't pick up the mini-series beyond the first issue, and a few things keep me from getting the rest. Tony Bedard is hit and miss for me, but even at his best (REBELS), he draws out each story far too long. I'm pretty cold on McDaniel too. And it bodes ill when a mini-series starts out as a 10-issue story (the Great TEN, makes sense) and suddenly becomes a 9-issue series midstream. August General in Iron made it out of the Chinese ghetto at least, but you tell me, worth a second look?


  1. For what it's worth, I found it pretty enjoyable. Good characterizations, fun origins...