Monday, February 18, 2013

Green Arrow Week Begins in 10...2...1!

"Green Arrow Week Begins in 10...2...1!" from Green Arrow vol.1 #1 (DC, 1983) by Mike W. Barr, Trevor von Eeden and Dick Giordano
All week, at least until Saturday, we'll be looking at various volumes of Green Arrow - the Battling Bowman, the Ace Archer - starting with his very first book, a rare GA mini-series not concerned with his origin story (the last two, The Wonder Year in 1993 and Year One in 2007, were about exactly that). But back in 1983, Mike Barr gave us corporate shenanigans and a mystery, and Trevor von Eeden's often extreme pencils were reigned rather effectively by the expert inks of Dick Giordano, giving them an almost Neil Adamsish look at times.

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  1. Boisterous indeed. Oh Ollie, I can never stay mad at you.