Friday, February 8, 2013

Don't Turn This Page!

"Don't Turn This Page!" from G.I. Combat vol.1 #140 (DC, 1970) by Joe Kubert
This fourth-wall-breaking Haunted Tank illo is from the long-running G.I. Combat, which was started by Quality Comics way back in 1952 before being sold to DC in 1957, skipping not a beat in bringing readers lots of WWII (mostly) war comics until 1987. Ulp! That's 30 years at DC alone! Among its best-remembered features are the Haunted Tank (impressively running from '61 to '87), the O.S.S., and the Bravos of Vietnam, but it was mostly the Haunted Tank's book.

Wikipedia tells me G.I. Combat #274 was the Monitor's first full appearance, which is just the craziest thing.


  1. Wow, that art is jaw-dropping.

  2. If I could fill this blog up with JUST Joe Kubert art, I probably would.