Saturday, February 9, 2013

Haunted Tank vs. War Wheel

"Haunted Tank vs. War Wheel" from G.I. Combat vol.2 #7 (DC, 2013) by Peter J. Tomasi and Howard Chaykin
The new G.I. Combat book was a disappointment, I must say. Its take on The War That Time Forgot looked gorgeous, but didn't have much of a story to go with it, and the Unknown Soldier back-up wasn't enough to keep me reading. When the Haunted Tank returned to the title, I picked it up again, and stuck with it until I could see the Tank/War Wheel confrontation, because I'm a sucker for both those concepts. Vertigo's attempt to bring the WWII heroes back  a few years ago was more successful, if only for the Unknown Soldier book (Haunted Tank was interesting and darkly funny, Sgt. Rock was a bit dull), but in either case, I think I'm disappointed by DC trying to divorce all the properties from their respective wars. Even during the Vietnam War, a LOT of war comics were still about WWII, and allowed its creators to comment (or not) on Vietnam, one step removed. But we're so literal these days. It just has to be Iraq and Afghanistan. That's fine, those stories need to be told too, but in many cases including this volume of G.I. Combat, it's led to wizened old warriors taking up the fight again, or leaving things to a new generation that really isn't as valorous or interesting as the original (like Rock's grandson in Men of War).


  1. did war wheel really existed or its just a myth?

  2. please do reply i'm waiting for the answer.

  3. In the DC Universe, it existed.

    In the real world, no, no it did not.