Monday, February 4, 2013

The American Prison Metaphor

"The American Prison Metaphor" from Freedom Fighters vol.2 #4 (DC, 2011) by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Travis Moore and Trevor Scott
After a long rest, the Freedom Fighters returned in Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, a mini-series that associated them more closely to American metaphors and had them working for Father Time and SHADE, recently of Frankenstein fame. After a couple minis, they got a series, which only lasted 9 issues, one more than each of the previous mini-series. In each case, Gray and Palmiotti were in charge, just as in the New52, they are once again re-inventing the team. It's their pet project, and I understand and share the love, but will they ever be able to make the FF successful? That's uncertain. Perhaps they can be better integrated into the DCU, since even the previous incarnation seemed to take place on another Earth. Yes, they sometimes met characters from other parts of the DCU, and participated in events like Countdown and Blackest Night, but in their own comics, always seemed to be fighting villains we'd never seen before and never would again. Wherever they go, a sort of alternate reality seems to pop up.

You know what? I miss them kicking Nazi tail every month. I'd love it if they moved to Earth-X and got back to their - well, not roots exactly, that would be the Golden Age when they weren't even a team. But you know what I mean.

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