Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oliver Queen on Amazon Island

"Oliver Queen on Amazon Island" from Green Arrow and Black Canary (vol.4) #2 (DC, 2008) by Judd Winnick and Cliff Chiang
When Green Arrow married Black Canary, they just had to restart his book with her as equal co-star. Of course, Dinah seemed to have killed Olie on their wedding night, but that was revealed to be an impostor. Olie was actually on Paradise Island, which sounds like the exact opposite of holy matrimony. Well, this trip to the land of the Amazons isn't what does the marriage in, but this explosive combination couldn't stay together for long. 2½ years as it turns out before Black Canary's name was taken off the book. 3 issues later, the book would be cancelled and restarted with a new #1 as volume 5...

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  1.'s as though you picked out this picture JUST FOR ME!!

    Thank you!

    God, I love nekkid Ollie. Having Amanda Conner draw nekkid Ollie is just the icing on the cake.