Thursday, February 7, 2013


"Megalastorm" from Fury of Firestorm vol.2 #15 (DC, 2013) by Dan Jurgens and Ray McCarthy
Ewww, bring back Ronnie and/or Jason! Did you know you could win stuff JUST by liking Firestorm, in ANY of his incarnations? (Yes, even this one?) Well, you can thanks to Firestorm Fan - your one blog stop for all things Nuclear Man - because Shag's launched a competition to ONLY requires you to say why YOU like Firestorm. Your greatest challenge, Internet? No negativity! Yes, I know, it's hard. How can you praise the Firestorm you like without trashing the Firestorm you don't? Well, you have to if you want to win the cool goodies Shag is offering, including original art from the above iteration of the book, by Dan Jurgens and Ray McCarthy. Good luck!

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