Monday, June 10, 2013

30th-Century Roll Call

"30th-Century Roll Call" from Legion of Super-Heroes vol.2 #300 (DC, 1983) by Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt
After a bit of a prologue, this will definitely be Legion Week. Now, the first volume of LSH was a four-issue mini back in 1973 reprinting stories from the mid-1960s (strips from Adventure and Superboy) to test the waters for a Legion series, and based in its success, the LSH moved into Superboy's book and shared the byline. By issue #259, the Boy of Steel had been kicked out. And it's this version I first encountered in the early 80s and which made me a fan. Just look at that gorgeous group of people! It was a whole new world filled with characters, planets and history. After issue 313, there was another title change, to Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes as the direct market launch and supported a new volume (splashed tomorrow).


  1. Giffen made the LSH his own back in the 80s - I seriously doubt whether the book would've survived so long if it wasn't for him and his innovative designs; new costumes, realistic 'alien' aliens, windowless buildings [not as old fashioned as it sounds] and holo-projectors.
    Pure bliss.

  2. He certainly dominates the next couple of Splashes.