Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Batman vs. the Cavalier

"Batman vs. the Cavalier" from Legends of the Dark Knight #34 (DC, 1992) by James Robinson and Tim Sale
Currently the title of one of DC's digital comics AND the subtitle of one of their worst print comics, LotDK was, in its day, a brilliant idea. How do you capitalize on Batman Year One's success? How about a whole series dedicated to Batman's VERY BUSY first year? And further, how about a different creative team of big names and/or auteurs on each arc like Miller and Mazzucchelli had been? The result was a pretty great anthology, though it sort of lost its way after the 50th issue or so (and it ran to 160 issues!). At least, to my recollection. Some of my favorites include the Matt Wagner Two-Face/Freaks story "Faces", and the above "Blades", but I always thought Grant Morrison's "Gothic" was a little overrated.


  1. Did they expand its scope after a couple of years? I always took it to be non-canon stories (when I cared about that) from any point in his career.

  2. Some were non-canon, Elseworldy stuff, and some weren't set in Year One, but most of it was Y1-ish and canon.